Inferno Ransomware

Made by Pynx Technologies; a Python / C++ ransomware that could lock up systems!


Inferno is very dangerous. This will lock up systems, and may be even tied to Phishing. Use a virtual machine, and never open these files on your physical machine. As a pre-caution, download them on your VM.

General Information

Inferno, made by Pynx Technologies, is a very malicious ransomware executable that is relentless. It has webservers to attack your victim. This ransomware also has a update function, included in either version.


Python (for both the Python and C++ Versions of Inferno) Version: 3.11


There are two versions, the C++ version, and the Python Version. The C++ version is completely free and can be downloaded here. The Python version costs 5 dollars (USD), and can be bought by contacting fisted.mp3 (Pynx/Knox) on Instagram.


C++ Version

Note that the C++ version is in a Python file, to help it compile.